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You found out that you’re pregnant so you’re probably considering the following options.

At Los Angeles Pregnancy Services we will provide a free pregnancy test and then walk you kindly and patiently through the option or options you might be considering. We understand that for some women it can be an emotionally sensitive time, so we will take the time to listen and answer your questions. If you are facing a pregnancy that is unexpected and causing you anxiety, we will walk with you as you make an informed decision taking into account the risks and your well-being. We want you to have a bright future, and Los Angeles Pregnancy Services can provide services and resources. 

You might be considering:

Let us walk with you through this very important time in  your life. You deserve the best and our staff will ensure that you have a great experience here.

We have served almost 20,000 women in situations similar to yours and we can understand what you are going through. Call today and make your appointment.

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Pregnancy offers excitement and sometimes fear. If you are experiencing a difficult time in your life and are contemplating your options, we are here for you. We have served thousands of women in your situation. You are not alone.

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